Business Cooperation

Registered in 2012 in South Australia, Hwait International Education is a trading name owned by Hwait International Group Pty Ltd. Although Hwait International Education is young, the founder, Nelson Ni has worked in education industry for over 12 years .

The team of HWAIT INTERNATIONAL is running successful business of promoting international education in China.


Core Business: Recruitment of international students for education providers

Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin

Education Placement Services

· Selecting appropriate schools and making applications to schools on behalf of prospective students (including the provision of translation and interpreting services)

· Assisting overseas students in changing educational providers in Australia and foreign countries

· Accommodation arrangement, airport pick-up etc.

· Providing academic course counselling services to prospective and existing overseas students

Value added Services

· Pre-departure, post-arrival orientation and briefings

· School report translation and payment of tuition fee tracking

· Regular coordination with students' parents regarding their children's educational status & welfare

· Course advice and careers advice

· Study tours

· Assistance to parents of on-shore students visiting Australia

· Recommend excellent graduated student to Australian local company for internship or employment.

· Immigration Advice

Promotional Activities

· Arranging the seminars & interview programs at the Hwait International Education (Shanghai) Office, partnership schools/colleges across China.

· Broadcast the update Program information & news through our established agent network back to China

· Offering immigration follow-up instructions for our students enrolled in Australian Institute if the market demands are strong enough

· We will delivery the latest information coming from institutions to our subagents.

· The latest news and students recruitments are updated on our website, and also send the MMS to our clients.

Hwait International Education weclome to be contacted by the institutes from different countries. Please send your website, profile and contact details to the following email address. We will contact with you shortly.